NXP Semiconductors

HPMS Industrial & Infrastructure product :
AISG Transceiver, IPCamera SoC, ZigBee, Low power RF, Audio, Power solutions, Lighting solutions, RF Base Station, RF Broadcasting, TV Front-End, Media Interface

HPMS Portable & Computing product :
System management, High speed interface, 32-Bit ARM Microcontroller, Broad general purpose Logic, Load Switch Logic, Translator Logic, Logic Q-100

HPMS Automotive product :
Car Entertainment Radio Audio Multimedia and Amplifier, IVN-CAN/LIN/FlexRay and Ethernet, Car Access & Immobilizer, Sensors

HPMS Identification product :
Tag and Label, Fare collection, Banking, E-Government, Mobile translation, Infrastructure

Standard product :
Power MOS, Small signal Diode & MOSFET, Protect & Signal, Linear